COVID, strep throat and flu cases lead to three days off for Williamsburg students, staff

Republished from WEKU.

Williamsburg, in Whitley County, has an independent school district. That’s not uncommon in Kentucky. What is unusual is that their 850 students, from preschool to high school, all attend classes in one building – making it easier to spread COVID, the flu and strep throat. Superintendent Tabetha Housekeeper said it’s not just students suffering from that trio of illnesses.

“We have had, I would say an average of about 10 teachers out per day for the last three weeks. I’ve been watching our student attendance. And last week, we were just on a steady decline.

Housekeeper said Monday was a banked day and Tuesday and Wednesday will be NTI days, which will give everyone five days to get healthy.

“The biggest thing that made me make the decision was I got a phone call from the principal telling me he was already struggling to cover the classrooms that teachers were going to be out in. And he was already having to get subs for subs.”

Housekeeper said she sent an email saying she expects 100 percent attendance Thursday.

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Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.