A new mental health category for Lexington Extended Social Resource Grant Program announced

Originally published by WEKU.

Some 37 partner agencies in Lexington will benefit from almost $4.8 million in Extended Social Resource Grants. Funding for these organizations is contained in the upcoming fiscal year budget. Lexington Social Services Commissioner Kacy Allen-Bryant said new this time is a separate category for mental health. She said it means not competing with other agencies in the Community Wellness category.

“But it also allows us to basically put our money where our mouth is, right, in terms of setting aside monies specifically just for mental health because the mayor, you know, we really consider a high-priority need for our community,” said Allen-Bryant.

Allen-Bryant noted the ESR grants generally go to help provide services for vulnerable citizens, beyond what the City can accomplish. The social services commissioner added these non-profits have the expertise to address key issues. And in the mental health arena, it’s not all about treatment.

“Some of what non-profits will do is work on that preventive side and in prevention what we’re doing is promoting well-being. By promoting well-being you’re helping to stem some of the mental health issues,” said Allen-Bryant.

Allen-Bryant said the behavioral effects of the COVID pandemic are still being felt in areas like drug use and domestic violence. The entire ESR program also goes to support non-profits with access to affordable and nutritious food, early learning opportunities, and positive youth development.

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Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.