Blue Grass Army Depot sees change in leadership

Originally published by WEKU.

A change in leadership at the Blue Grass Army Depot (BGAD) was finalized Thursday, with Col. Samuel Morgan taking over as Commander of the munitions storage facility.

He’s taking over for Col. Brett Ayvazian. The change was made official with a ceremony at the Depot.

Ayvazian has been in charge of the depot since 2022 and oversaw the final stages of its chemical weapons disposal operations. Workers with the Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant are now focusing on destroying secondary waste.

Ayvazian complimented the plant’s workforce during his final remarks as commander at a public meeting Wednesday.

“I’ve been around civilians and civilian workforce for a good portion of my career, and never have I seen a more proud and dedicated workforce to achieving a common goal than the ones right here at Blue Grass Army Depot,” Ayvazian said.

Morgan said during a public meeting Wednesday that the Richmond community was a big reason he chose the position at the depot.

“Our number one priority is about people,” Morgan said. “And so it’s about taking care of people, our employees, it’s all about taking care of our community, and then ultimately, my son’s enlisting, so taking care of him.”

Also during the meeting, army officials discussed the BGAD’s potential future. Ayvazian says the Depot is still researching ways to repurpose the equipment and space at its chemical weapons disposal plant, outlined in a feasibility study the Army released last fall.

They are also exploring potential partnerships with private industry. Ayvazian says depot officials have “entertained at least three defense contractors and private industry partners” in the past months, but no concrete decisions have been made.

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Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.