Council overrides Mayor’s Budget Vetoes


Council officially has overridden Mayor Linda Gorton’s vetoes of ten LFUCG staff positions that Council added to the Fiscal Year 2025 (FY25) Budget. With the ten staff positions restored, the FY25 Budget is officially finalized.

Councilmembers Chuck Ellinger (At-Large) and Councilmber Fred Brown (District 8) were the only two Councilmembers to vote against overriding the Mayor’s vetoes. Councilmembers Whitney Baxter (District 9) and Denise Gray (District 6) were absent.

  • Councilmember Baxter wrote in her June 21st Council Newsletter from that she would have voted not to override the vetoes if she were present;

  • Councilmember Gray wrote in her June 20th Council Newsletter that she supported Council’s upcoming veto override.

  • Councilmember Ellinger voted in favor the ten positions to the FY25 Budget in the May 28th Budget Committee of the Whole. Councilmembers Fred Brown and Baxter voted against adding the positions on May 28th.

The ten staff positions total to roughly $743,000 in additional recurring expenses to the General Fund. In the May 28th Budget Committee of the Whole, Council voted to add $750,000 to the revenue projections for FY25 in order to pay for the positions. You can read more about Council’s revenue adjustment, and the rest of the Council’s changes to the FY25 Budget, here.

Council does not need to take any additional action on the FY25 Budget. It is now fully finalized, and the new Fiscal Year will start on July 1st!

Soon after the Mayor’s Administration publishes the final Adopted Budget document, we will finish and publish our Budget Guide booklet! You can look at all of our Budget resources at our Budget Explainer page here!

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