Kentucky Children’s Hospital patients play putt putt with the pros

Originally published by WEKU.

Patients at Kentucky Children’s Hospital in Lexington teed off with professional golfers at Tuesday’s annual Mini Pro-Am golf tournament. Lexington native Josh Teater is one of the golfers who took part. He’s back home for the ISCO Championship, which begins Thursday in Nicholasville.

“It’s awesome, you know, to get off the course, get a break and come see some kids who have been dealt a little bit of a tough card and love on ‘em a little bit and they’re going to do the same to us.”

The last few years, concerns over COVID-19 led organizers to hold the annual putt putt tourney elsewhere on UK’s campus. This year, they were back inside Kentucky Children’s Hospital, with pros and patients playing putt putt on portable courses – some of them none too easy. 12-year-old Harrison Kilty, of Danville, said he’s a big golf fan.

“It’s pretty cool to meet them. I’ve never met any pros before, and it’s just a really cool experience, to even like when you’re having a hard time, to just be able to have a great experience.”

Harrison, who said he’s on the mend, also said he picked up a few tips from the pros, but preferred to keep them to himself. Since 2018, the ISCO Championship’s charitable arm has contributed nearly $450,000 to Kentucky Children’s Hospital.

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Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.