Bluegrass Investment Properties Announces Its Home-Buying Service Will Now Be Available to All in Kentucky

LEXINGTON, Ky., July 9, 2022 ( – The most reputable property buyer in Lexington, Bluegrass Investment Properties, has announced the expansion of its services across the whole Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Due to the significant demand for house buying services in Lexington’s bordering communities, it was decided that the company would extend its services.

“We aim to assist more people in quickly selling their homes. There are a lot of queries from outside Lexington,” according to Bluegrass Investment Properties owner Clark Shepherd. “We believe the moment has come to assist homeowners across the Commonwealth of Kentucky.”

Bluegrass Investment Properties has only provided service to the metropolitan area of Lexington, Kentucky, up until this time. However, it is currently prepared to assist homeowners in Kentucky sell their homes quickly and easily.

Shepherd outlined on his website why Bluegrass Investment Properties’ “we buy houses service” is superior to those of other home purchasers:

“I am aware that each homeowner that contacts us has a particular situation. The optimal course of action for their circumstance will be determined in collaboration with them by my staff and I,” Shepherd wrote.

“We also collaborate strategically with other investors so that we can present you with the greatest possible deal. We can close quickly and according to your best schedule,” Shepherd added.

Shepherd claims that Bluegrass Investment Properties aids those who are facing foreclosure, have a residence that is encumbered by probate, are landlords with unsatisfactory or undesirable renters, have properties that require too many repairs, have tax liens, and many other unusually specific situations.

Many sellers trust Shepherd and his team’s services, according to Shepherd, because of their professionalism, adaptability, honesty, performance, and effective communication throughout the home-buying process. As a result, they receive numerous recommendations from their current clientele.

Shepherd acknowledged, “Our service is not for everyone; if we can’t help you, we will guide you in the correct path that helps you move forward.”

Rick Durram from Lexington, Kentucky, expresses his appreciation for the assistance provided by Bluegrass Investment Properties.

In his assessment, Durram stated, “My mother had passed away. I knew that I had a house to get rid of. Clark quickly took care of everything. He really helped me out of a sticky situation. Here we are today at closing and it’s not even been a month. It’s been an easy road. It’s been really nice working with Clark. He is a genuine person and you can tell he knows how to do business the right way.”

Durram closed his evaluation by saying, “I know, without a doubt, anyone who gets the opportunity to work with Clark will be happy.”

Shepherd invites homeowners in Kentucky to call them at (859) 321-6618 if they want to sell their homes quickly. Every prospective seller receives an uncommitted, free offer on their house.