Welcome to The Lexington Times, a contemporary digital haven for news aficionados in Lexington, Kentucky. Established in July 2022, The Lexington Times is a spirited revival of an erstwhile local treasure.

🕰️ A Nod to the Past 🕰️

Delve into the annals of Lexington history and you will stumble upon the original Lexington Times, established in 1900. An issue dated August 26, 1900, showcases their flair for sass, as they poke fun at the Lexington Leader for peddling a questionable telegraph school ad. A moment of appreciation, too, for their support of local enterprise with an ad featuring the Lexington Brewing Company’s “HIGH CLASS BEERS” – quite the endorsement!

📰 Our Lexington Times – News, But Make It Snazzy 📰

Fast forward to today, and The Lexington Times has been reimagined as an online news, advocacy, and commentary publication that keeps a pulse on the Lexington community. And guess what? We carry the audacious spirit of yore with a modern twist. Our pages are free of ads, and unlike that other publication, we will never erect an insurmountable paywall between you and our glorious content.

The Lexington Times is a trusted source, and has been cited by national publications such as The Hill, Axios, The Daily Beast, and Men’s Journal. We are committed to providing free and open access to reliable local news and information.

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🏴‍☠️ Meet the Captain of This Ship 🏴‍☠️

The Lexington Times is piloted by none other than our Web Editor, Paul Oliva. A true-blue Lexingtonian, Paul’s roots run deep in this city. He is a proud alumnus of Tates Creek High School and the University of Kentucky. Ever the independent spirit, Paul is a registered nonpartisan and voted for Gatewood Galbraith each time the legendary Lexington politician appeared on his ballot. Paul’s love for Lexington is the lifeblood of The Lexington Times, and he’s thrilled to share it with you.

Lexington Times, August 26, 1900