Judge says District 4 council race can continue, despite ballot mix-up

A Lexington judge has named Brenda Monarrez and Brack Marquette as the two candidates on the ballot for November’s District 4 City Council election, according to a Herald Leader report.

Map of District 4 source: https://lfucg.maps.arcgis.com/apps/Embed/index.html?webmap=a8c7610f98674119b13245859e5b2652&extent=-84.5995,37.9346,-84.4299,38.0149

During the May 17 primary, voters in two District 4 precincts received incorrect ballots. Though the problem was eventually fixed, the slim vote margin between the three candidates was close enough to toss the outcome to the courts.

Only the top two candidates in a City Council primary advance to the general election, so Barry Sunday, the third place candidate by less than 50 votes, was knocked off the ballot.

Monarrez 1,121 votes
Marquette 908 votes
Saturday 865 votes

It is unknown at this time if Saturday will appeal the decision.