Social media users claim AK-47 “or similar” used in Thursday Trent Blvd shooting

Multiple Lexington Facebook users claimed to have heard 15 shots in rapid succession near Trent Blvd early Thursday morning. One user said the weapons used sounded like an AK-47 “or similar” and the shots were “one after another, super loud, super fast.”

Other users quickly chimed in to substantiate the account.

I agree, I heard them and they were 15 and yes I counted. I live one street from Trent, was on my porch, 1:45 a.m.

Lexington, Ky Facebook User

That was a rifle, maybe an AK-47 or something. I live on Armstrong Mill and I heard all of the shots, then heard all the sirens.

Lexington, Ky Facebook User

Two gunshot victims were hospitalized Thursday morning on the 1100 block of Trent Boulevard.