Leaked doc shows Yappy Hours coming to Veterans’ Dog Park Wednesday, August 10 at 5pm

Times artist depiction of the leaker

Lexington, Ky. — A document leaked to The Lexington Times early this afternoon reveals a shadowy web of influence operating in the city Department Parks and Recreation.

According to the leak, plans are in the works for a mysterious big announcement in the proximity of Veterans Park Shelter #3, up the hill, by the ballfields and award-winning disc golf facilities.

Area sources told the Times exclusively that the event is rumored to be some sort of inaugural event for the new dog park, but that is unconfirmed as of press time.

Other uncorroborated reports say the event will include “food trucks,” “live music,” and, in a mysterious twist, “activities.”


The director of the Lexington Department of Parks and Recreation has not reached out to the Times to provide comment on this story.

Update: Contacts in the area report seeing a large pair of scissors being flown in, and rumors are swirling they will be used for a ribbon cutting ceremony at 4:30pm Wednesday!