Wiseass cop photoshops phallus into image of Lexington police chief, hilarity does not ensue

[Editor’s Note: the above image is an artist’s depiction of the prank image created by a sworn Lexington officer. None of the officers pictured in this fictitious parody image have engaged in any wrongdoing in relation to this story.]

If you’ve ever watched the popular NBC series Brooklyn 99, you know that a little light hearted cutting up is a good thing for a local police department. Tasteful jokes can ease the tension of the day, and help pass the hours until it’s time to clock out for the night.


According to documents obtained by the Times, it would appear the Lexington Police Department has its own Jake Peralta-esque prankster on the force.

Officer Adam Ray, who now says he wants to retire, recently distributed a visual depiction of Chief Laurence Weathers handling a large purple phallus-like object. Sworn officers Ben Starkey and Jospeh Williams were also interviewed for the investigation.

Chief Weathers, a man of few words, issued the following statement to Commander Chad Bacon (yes, that is his actual name) in response:

You can read the entire complaint below:

Our Take

The LPD currently has numerous unsolved homicides, so while a little cutting up is always okay, they need to be more focused to make sure all the necessary police work gets done as well. Chief Weathers should consider bringing in a Sgt. Terry Jeffords type character to rein in these cut-ups before things get too bad in the department.

I’m Terry Jeffords, and when I put my mind to something, I do it.

Terry Jeffords in “The Oolong Slayer