Shocking details released in Lexington homicide: stray AR-15 bullet struck victim sleeping next to infant

WKYT is reporting shocking new details of a recent Lexington homicide on Quinton Court.

Police say Denton pulled the trigger in his girlfriend’s apartment, the one above where the victim was lying in bed next to his infant. Neighbors told police they heard Denton on the phone in some emotional distress before the shot was fired.

Detective Williams says police determined Denton fired one round from an AR-15 into the floor of his apartment. That bullet broke apart and struck the victim twice in the chest.

5.56x45mm NATO rounds from an AR-15 are designed for combat and typically penetrate further through cover and armor than handgun rounds

AR-15s like the one used in this crime fire lethal .223 Remington or 5.56x45mm NATO cartridges designed for police and military use.

Detective William Phillips testified in court Monday that Denton has experience with firearms and knew what he was doing.

“Mr. Denton is aware of what happens when he pulls the trigger of a firearm,” Phillips said. “He intentionally pulled the trigger of that firearm, knowing what could be an outcome.”