LPD releases records and bodycam from closed 2019 homicide; suspect could be free next year

In 2019, Lexington Police received reports of shots fired at a Delzan Place bar, just off Clays Mill Rd. When they arrived, witnesses said a man, later found to be Larry Walters, with a “funny looking mustache” was harassing bar patrons, and when another patron intervened, pulled out a Colt 1911 variant handgun and struck him with it. A forensics analyst later described Mr. Walters’ weapon as “poorly maintained.”

The other guy didn’t back down, though, and defended himself from Walters’ attack with his hands. That’s when the drunken Walters began wildly shooting inside the bar. His actions left one wounded and one dead.

Walters took off, but LPD quickly caught up with him, and it’s all on bodycam. Mr. Walters urinated upon himself during the arrest.

2019 43084 BWC Video 1 1

Don’t worry, though, Commonwealth’s Attorney Lou Anna Red Corn says the sentence he received is enough.

Walters was on house arrest prior to sentencing, and was once spotted out for a little snack at Waffle House in 2020.

He will be eligible for parole next year.

Larry Walters’ interview with detectives

…I’m a free citizen of the United States.

Larry Walters when asked why he brought his .45 into the bar while drinking

He died?!? … I’m in some deep shit, ain’t I?

Larry Walters when told his victim had passed away
Detective interview with the bartender
Detective interview with bar owner
Detective interview with witness
Detective interview with witness #2
Larry Walters Homicide - Crime Scene BWC - Lexington, Ky
Crime scene Bodycam