Opinion: FCPS Option 2 is the best choice for our children’s future

In a recent Facebook post, Fayette County Public Schools laid two options on the table for 2022-2023 Local Revenue Options:

While both options provide funding for school operations, option two also funds $540 million in construction projects. For the owner of a $100K home, option one would decrease annual property taxes by $23, and option two would increase annual property taxes by $25.

A public hearing, where community members can comment on the options, will take place on Sept. 8 at 6 p.m. at the John D. Price Administration Building. Those wishing to share input with members of the FCBOE before the hearing can reach all five by emailing feedback@fayette.kyschools.us.

Our Take

Despite our past criticism of FCPS spending choices, Option 2 is a no-brainer here. The student population is growing and we need to plan for the future and consider how to build the schools they will soon need.

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