Gorton follows up snoozefest forum with 🔥 press conference; Devine intervention saves the day

After a Monday Bluegrass Hospitality Group mayoral forum was panned by some as soporific, Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton went all out for a Tuesday press conference.

Gorton gathered her underlings and gave a passionate speech on violent crime in the city. She frequently rattled off numbers, and even referenced “too many guns” allowing themselves to fall into the hands of criminals.

All the scripted stuff went off without a hitch, but then the mayor got cocky and started taking audience questions.

One community member stood up and said she had lost a loved one to gun violence.

The mayor said, “Sorry to hear that.”

The community member replied simply, “Okay.”

She then asked the mayor why her loved one’s killer had not been brought to justice yet, and things got interesting pretty quick. Check it out:

Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton cringey press conference

After… that happened, Mayor Gorton decided it would probably be a good idea to call in Devine Carama, who directs LFUCG’s ONE Lexington program, to clean up. Devine swooped in and sounded awfully mayoral when he spoke:

Devine Carama bails out the mayor

While it’s unlikely Carama, an Emmy award winning hip-hop artist, would be crazy enough to actually want Gorton’s job, it’s still an interesting idea. What do you think? Is Devine mayoral material, or is he more effective in his current position?

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