Mayor’s prayers fall on deaf ears; gun violence resumes in Lexington after brief lull

Lexington Mayor Linda Mayor Linda Gorton joined city and faith leaders on Monday to pray for an end to violence in Lexington, according to a Spectrum News 1 report.

According to the report:

Gorton is asking for people in the community to link arms and stand together, hoping to create a safer city for the people of Lexington. 

It would appear that neither God, nor the shooters, were listening, however. After a brief lull in Lexington’s rash of violence, the shootings resumed Tuesday, when a person was shot on Dale Drive. It was the 129th shooting of the year in Lexington, according to WKYT’s Chad Hedrick. (Chad originally posted the wrong numbers, but The Lexington Times provided a correction. Hedrick did not credit the Times for their work.)

Mayoral candidate CM David Kloiber says it may be time for a new approach. He wants to implement Group Violence Intervention, which he says is scientifically proven to work, in Lexington, but Mayor Gorton is hesitant to adopt new approaches, saying that the existing programs in place (ONE Lexington, and apparently, praying,) are sufficient.

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