Active lawsuits against LPD have cost Fayette taxpayers $451,141.29 in legal fees; Heavy hitters representing UK Five likely to run that up

Five UK football players filed suit against Lexington Police officers Cory Vinlove and Donnell Gordon, Police Chief Lawrence Weathers and the Lexington-Fayette County Urban Government.

There are currently 11 other active lawsuits against the Lexington Police Department. Four of those other lawsuits involve discrimination, racial profiling, or false arrest.

The lawsuits against LPD have cost taxpayers $451,141.29 in legal fees so far, but that’s sure to go up–The UK Five have hired Chicago-based civil rights firm Loevy & Loevy, a super-fancy and nationally recognized group of whistleblower attorneys.

If the UK Five prevail in their suit against the allegedly racist Lexington Police, taxpayers will be on the hook for not only the expensive attorneys’ fees, but also for paying out compensatory damages.

And insurance may not cover it–A Washington Post article recently revealed that many city’s insurers are forcing change on police departments long resistant to it. The City of Frankfort experienced something similar recently when its insurance company refused to pay out for legal fees.

Check out all the active lawsuits against LFUCG in the PDF below. Total cost so far: $2,272,806,80

Active lawsuits against LFUCG by Paul Oliva on Scribd

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