LPD, Feds bust 22 year old on gun, weed charges. His “pistol,” bought off Facebook, had a 30 round magazine of 7.62x39mm (AK-47) rounds

Check out this recent criminal complaint where a 22 year old man was alleged to be in possession of a”pistol” while under felony indictment in another case. The “pistol” is manufactured by Romarm/Cugir Micro Draco and fires the same 7.62x39mm cartridges as an AK-47.

The indictment says a Lexington 22 year-old “purchased it from an unknown white male via Facebook in August 2022.” It says the man “sold marijuana and occasionally sold firearms to make money.”

The man further stated that he had been “on the run” for months as he knew that he had active warrants for his arrest. Read the 4-page complaint below.

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