Blevins DESTROYS election deniers, says they are clogging up the system with spam

Lexington, Ky–Fayette County Clerk Donald Blevins, Jr. laid into election deniers Monday, saying they were clogging up the system with spammy open records requests as counties get ready for their local elections. According to Blevins, “It was a hassle (for the Fayette County Clerk), to be sure, but didn’t really affect our election preparations. I’m used to these types of things, but smaller county clerks hardly ever get open records requests and it causes a lot more stress for them.”

County Clerk DISRESPECTS Journalist For Peacefully Exercising His Rights! Police Threaten Arrest!

When Blevins said “I’m used to these kinds of things” he was likely referencing a May incident where YouTuber and dipshit activist Long Island Audit travelled to Lexington to conduct a “First Amendment Audit” of the city. The YouTuber wandered the halls of the downtown Clerk’s office under the guise of “making an open records request,” and at one point referred to the building as “The Florence County Clerk.” Blevins asked him to leave shortly thereafter. The YouTuber also made legal threats against “The City of Lexington,” which did not seem to phase the County Clerk much. (No lawsuit ever materialized, according to Blevins.)

Blevins told us the most recent onslaught of buffoonery was kicked off when pillow salesman Mike Lindell “got on a podcast back in mid-August spewing his misinformation. During this particular show, he evidently described to listeners a way to ask for specific information regarding the 2020 election and what words to use to ask. As a result, clerks across the nation started receiving FOIA requests (and in Kentucky, our open records request process). Many times, the requests were nearly identical so it was clear the requestor had copy/pasted from somewhere.” Lindell will have a hard time scheduling future podcast appearances, though–last month the FBI boxed his car in and seized his phone via search warrant while he was in line at a Hardee’s drive-thru. Delicious.

So is anyone running for office in on the shenanigans? Blevins said that State Senator Adrienne Southworth, who represents Anderson, Henry, Jefferson (Part), and Shelby Counties, “was requesting much the same information as a part of her ridiculous efforts to question the 2020 election results.”

Senator Adrienne Southworth (R)

I’d say there’s really no story here anymore[sic], but that’s your call. Sen. Southworth might be a lot more interesting to interview. lol

Fayette County Clerk Donald Blevins, Jr.