Here are the politicians Lexington, Ky real estate investors contribute to

The Herald-Leader recently featured a revealing report on the Lexington real estate investors who have dominated Lexington’s housing market. We took a look to see who these investors contribute to politically.

The biggest donor was Dennis Anderson, who owns Anderson Communities. He gave loads of money to Urban County Council candidates in Lexington this year and last. He is #8 on the list.

Fayette PVA David O’Neill, LFUCG Mayor Linda Gorton, Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council candidates James Brown, Josh McCurn, Jennifer Reynolds, Whitney Baxter, Fred Brown, Chuck Ellinger, Amanda Bledsoe, Richard Moloney, Bill Farmer, Preston Worley, and Liz Sheehan, among others, also received donations from the real estate investors. Here are some of the highlights: (it’s best to view these tables on desktop.)

#1 Shane Coleman Eckman, 48, of Lexington, 126 properties.

$500.0011/19/2021James Brown
$1,000.0011/10/2017David O’neill
$250.006/1/2014Andrew Beshear
$250.009/4/2011Steven Beshear
$250.008/20/2011Steven Beshear
$150.005/4/2011L.J. Todd Hollenbach
$250.002/23/2011K Crosbie
$400.002/9/2011Adam Edelen
$500.003/27/2010Steven Beshear

2. Jeffrey Irwin Moore, 37, of Lexington, 122 properties.

$250.008/21/2018Linda Gorton

3. Matthew Devon White, 47, of Lexington, 93 properties.

$500.003/16/2018Kevin Stinnett
$500.009/15/2017David O’neill

4. Keith Anthony Gadd, 51, of Lexington, 88 properties.

$500.0011/25/2021Carl Devine

5. Amherst Holdings LLC of Austin, Texas, 71 properties.


6. Scott Christian McIntosh, 36, and Christopher David Schuetz, 35, both of Lexington, 67 properties.

$485.209/26/2022Matthew Vied
$100.008/3/2022Whitney Baxter

7. BRG Realty Group LLC of Cincinnati, Ohio, 65 properties.


8. Samuel Ryan Atkins, 45, of Lexington, 54 properties.


9. Dennis Ray Anderson, 70, of Lexington, 49 properties.

$125.0010/3/2022Jared Carpenter
$125.0010/3/2022Brandon Smith
$1,000.009/29/2022Chuck Ellinger
$250.009/10/2022Greg Hampton
$1,000.009/10/2022Amanda Bledsoe
$1,000.009/7/2022Bill Farmer
$500.008/29/2022Stephanie Spires
$500.008/29/2022Stephanie Spires
$1,000.008/24/2022Richard Moloney
$1,000.008/12/2022Whitney Baxter
$1,000.008/4/2022Preston Worley
$1,000.008/4/2022Josh Mccurn
$1,000.008/3/2022Jennifer Reynolds
$500.007/22/2022Kyle Whalen
$1,000.007/22/2022Christopher Davis
$1,000.005/10/2022Liz Sheehan
$500.005/3/2022Tim Thompson
$500.005/3/2022Brack Marquette
$250.004/18/2022Ashley Nunn
$500.003/16/2022Mark Sulski
$1,000.003/8/2022Bill Farmer
$1,000.003/4/2022Fred Brown
$1,000.003/2/2022Josh Mccurn
$1,000.003/2/2022Jennifer Reynolds
$1,000.002/23/2022Chuck Ellinger
$20.002/10/2022Kentucky Motorcycle Freedom Fund
$500.001/31/2022Fred Siegelman
$2,000.001/4/2022David Lusby
$1,000.0012/6/2021James Brown
$250.0011/30/2021Joe Pat Covington
$1,000.0010/8/2021Richard Moloney
$1,000.009/30/2021Amanda Bledsoe
$250.009/9/2021Craig Greenberg
$1,000.008/16/2021Kentucky Realtors Pac
$500.006/14/2021Housing Industry Pac Of Kentucky
$500.005/7/2021Brian Traugott
$1,000.0010/21/2020Kentucky Realtors Pac
$500.0010/5/2020Josh Mccurn
$500.009/11/2020Damon Thayer
$1,000.009/2/2020Bill Farmer

10. Adil Mohammed Mohiuddin, 47, of Louisville, 45 properties.