Lexington sunglasses company to open second store in Colorado

Lone Tree, CO–Shady Rays, a Kentucky-based independent sunglass company, will open its second store in Lone Tree, Colorado in November. “Following the success of our flagship store in Lexington, Kentucky, part of our long-term growth strategy was to open additional retail stores in key cities across the country,” said CEO Chris Ratterman.

The Lexington-based Shady Rays sells sunglasses for men, women and kids grouped by activity such as driving, running, hiking, golf, fishing, biking and more. Shoppers will also find prescription sunglasses, goggles, blue light goggles, snow goggles and UV protection shirts.

The new store, which will cover more than 1,200 square meters of “buy and sample space”, will employ a team of 10 people. “We believe highly curated retail locations can be a powerful combination with our e-commerce site,” Ratterman said.

You can check out Shady Rays online at shadyrays.com

The Lexington flagship store is located in The Summit At Fritz Farm and opened in November 2021.