UK frat boys “messed with,” took photos of dead pledge’s body, posted them on Snapchat

Lexington, KY–Disturbing new details have emerged in a hazing investigation into the University of Kentucky’s now defunct Farmhouse Fraternity. An 18-year-old Farmhouse pledge died from alcohol poisoning in October 2021, sparking the investigation.

According to a Kentucky Kernel report, pledges to the fraternity were subjected to forced consumption of alcohol, unnecessary fatigue, personal servitude, physical or psychological shocks, forced wearing of conspicuous apparel, degrading/humiliating activities, kidnapping/abandonment, line-ups and berating, undue interference with academic pursuits, and expectation of participation in lewd or illegal activities.

The highlighted items on Page 13 of UK’s student conduct report indicate FarmHouse Fraternity’s “violations of Administrative Regulation 6:10: University of Kentucky Hazing Prevention Policy.” (KY Kernel)

WKYT has also reported that the mother of Thomas Hazelwood, the 18-year-old pledge who died as a result of Farmhouse hazing told them, “He was so intoxicated that he could barely walk, and they ended up practically carrying him to a bedroom at the house. They laid him on a bed and took Snapchat pictures of him while they messed with his arms and his body.”

The Kentucky Kernel details violated guidelines under the code of conduct’s hazing prevention policy, which includes negligent or reckless behavior, that humiliates or endangers an individual. The report says Farmhouse violated the guidelines and charges of hazing, misuse of alcohol, violations of law or other UK policies were recommended.

The Kentucky Kernel included several excerpts of the report that detail other fraternity hazing abuses. Check them out in the gallery below.

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In December 2021, WKYT reported that police found no foul play in the case, and no charges would be filed.

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