Stevenson retains House seat, expands margin by two votes in recount

Lexington, Ky.–Incumbent State Rep. Cherlynn Stevenson (D-Fayette, Scott) finalized her victory over Jim Coleman (R-NY) today. According to a Herald Leader report, Stevenson had originally won the 88th House District by 35 votes, by the original count. After the recount, she was 37 votes ahead–Coleman gained one in Fayette Co., but lost one in Scott Co., Stevenson gained two in Scott Co.

Republicans had been hoping to pick up this seat after the district was altered in redistricting. Coleman may have blown that shot on September 22, when he went before the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council and encouraged them to bring back no-knock warrants and implement a “Hug-a-Cop Day” using public funds. Coleman received the Fraternal Order of Police endorsement after the stunt, but it didn’t help–FOP endorsed candidates performed poorly throughout Lexington this cycle.