“F*** Railbird” – Locals fume over festival’s alleged shady practices

Lexington music fans with poor taste poured their hearts out on Reddit after the debut sale of Railbird 2023 tickets resoundingly flopped

Got a presale code because I went to Railbird in 2019 and ’21. Tried to buy tickets at the Tier 1 level ($155 before fees) and within minutes those tickets were sold out, with only Tier 4 pricing left ($225 before fees.)

Between taking a year off to lick their wounds after the embarrassment that was the 3 hour lines for water in 2021 and now trying to gouge us to make up for the revenue they missed in 2022, I’m done with them. Fuck Railbird.


Same here. Tier 1 was “gone” within 30 seconds. I don’t even think they had any tier 1 tickets, and if they did it was an extremely minimal amount.

$225 plus fees is an absolute joke. I was already heavily on the fence due to the venue change and the problems last year, but with this it feels to me like a scam, pure bait and switch. I have never seen a festival sell through the first 3 tiers in 5 minutes.

You can go to Bourbon and Beyond or Louder than Life for $260ish before fees. It’s twice as long, in a better area, and their tiers seem to be actual tiers, not a scam low price with no intention of actually having any amount of tickets at that price.


does anyone else feel like red mile is kinda…small for this?


That happened last time. it’s a marketing thing. There are very few 155/175 tickets but it is annoying. I was interested but I think it’s just too expensive with the full price plus fees.


I mean they keep fucking people and people keep going. Why should they stop?


Came to this subreddit to post the exact same thing. Like how many tickets were in the first three tiers?? 25? Also, their all inclusive platinum package is more expensive (for a 2 day festival) than Bourbon and Beyond’s 4 day package. Half the days and $200 dollars more.


RIP to anyone who lives on Red Mile Rd that weekend. Traffic is going to be Versailles Rd all the way to Limestone, bumper to bumper.


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