The weirdest things to do in Lexington, according to Reddit

A Reddit user recently asked /r/Lexington for “weird things to do in Lexington” with their “not JUST a friend.” Here are some of the best responses, as voted on by the community.

Moosnick Museum at Transy

Visit famous people graves – Jim Varney, Colonel Sanders, maybe others in the area?

Pops Resale – fun anytime not just for a non-date 🙂


Walk around Greyline when you go see Cocaine Bear, it’s just across the street basically. Most of the small vendors are only open on the weekend, so its its real weird during the week.

But spend like 5 hours at the Peddler’s Mall.


Try looking on atlas obscura.


Lexington House Massive @ Horse & Jockey is every Saturday from 10-2AM. It’s a house music DJ set with a rotating group of DJ’s. Weird people, weird music, consuming weird things. You’d probably have fun.


Hit up the Surplus store next to KY for KY and maybe Santa will be there! Lexington Art League/Loudon House is also just a block or two away and often has interesting exhibitions. I think you can also sometimes pop into people’s studios if they’re around to see what they’re working on.


As far as “offbeat” events on first glance:

12/16: Uma’s Jewels at Crossings | 10pm | $5 |

12/17: BurLEX Nauti Nights at The Fishtank | 9pm | $10 |

12/18: AVOLD Kids Christmas | 8pm | Donation based I believe |

12/21: Open Stage at Crossings | 10pm |

12/26: Monday Melancholia at The Fishtank | 9pm | Free

12/30| BurLEX Heaux Heaux Holiday Show at Al’s Bar | 9pm | $15 |

1/6: Caravan Discordia, Tail Light Rebellion, He’s Dead Jim at The Green Lantern | 9pm

1/13: BurLEX Happy Nude Year at Rock House Brewing | 9pm |


Go to carmax and sit in all the cars.


Take in some games at the rusty scabbard after breakfast at Lexington Diner, shop for some wigs and finish with lunch at Dad’s Favorites.


Elevate games was super cool, they opened recently in Hamburg. This is on the “active” side, so if you weren’t trying to sweat a little, then this might not be the best for you


It doesn’t appear that they have anything scheduled over that time, but if you see anything about a Tinderbox Circus Sideshow performance, RUN THERE AS FAST AS YOU CAN. It’s all the weird, and it’s wonderful.

It appears one half of TCS is part of a burlesque show Jan. 13, maybe look into that if it’s not too late.


(One thing Reddit left out: the Dixie Cup Water Tower!)

Dixie Cup Water Tower (Creative Commons)

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