Athens Boonesboro Road site proposed for new soccer complex

The Lexington Sporting Club has filed new plans with the city for a 6,500 seat soccer stadium, with the new proposed site listed as 5380 and 5354 Athens Boonesboro Road. The property owners are listed as IVCP ATHENS SOUTH LLC.

5380 and 5354 Athens Boonesboro Road
Record PLN-MJDP-22-00073: Major Development Plan

According to an LFUCG staff report,

 The purpose of this amendment is to depict the size and location of the proposed stadium and training facility, in support of the requested zone change from Interchange Service Business (B-5P) zone to Highway Service Business (B-3) zone. 

The Staff Recommends Postponement. There are questions regarding the infrastructure, services, parking, and access. Also, there are technical issues with the Preliminary Development Plan, which do not match the requested zone change area. 

The report says the following requirements should be considered: 

1. Provided the Urban County Council approves the zone change to B-3; otherwise, any Commission action of approval is null and void. 

2. Urban County Engineer’s acceptance of drainage, and storm and sanitary sewers, and floodplain information. 

3. Urban County Traffic Engineer’s approval of street cross-sections and access. 

4. Urban Forester’s approval of tree preservation plan. 

5. Greenspace planner’s approval of the treatment of greenways and greenspace. 

6. Department of Environmental Quality’s approval if environmentally sensitive areas. 

7. United States Postal Service Office’s approval of kiosk locations or easement. 

8. Department of Highway’s approval of proposed access to Athens Boonesboro Road (KY 418). 

9. Depict topography with contour intervals no greater than 5 feet. 

10. Denote size, floor area, and height of stadium. 

11. Label and provide cross-section for Doe Run Trail. 

12. Dimension drive aisles and walkways. 

13. Label construction access. 

14. Depict environmentally sensitive areas. 

15. Depict proposed and existing easements for utilities. 

16. Inclusion of bike parking in site statistics. 

17. Provided the Planning Commission approve the conditional use permit for a stadium. 

18. Provided the Planning Commission accept the Parking Demand Mitigation Study. 

19. Discuss access to Tract 3B. 

20. Discuss parking locational and connection standards. 

21. Discuss stormwater management. 

22. Discuss Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s roadway project for Richmond Road/ Athens Boonesboro Road.

This item was heard by the Subdivision Committee on December 1st and by the Planning Commission on December 15th.