Lexington woman charged in federal court for selling 2 pounds of meth

7/15/2023 UPDATE: US District Judge Danny Reeves sentenced Amber Bernice Eversole to 87 months (7.25 years) in prison on Friday, July 14, 2023. Eversole pled guilty on March 24.

Lexington, Ky.–A Lexington woman was charged in federal court last week over a November traffic stop where she was found to be carrying 2 pounds of methamphetamine in her black Mercedes-Benz coupe. According to court records, the DEA says she admitted to “transporting 2 pounds of methamphetamine that day to sell to a customer.” Amber Eversole, 28, of Lexington, is charged with possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute.

Here’s what a DEA agent reported in an affidavit at the time of her arrest:

On November 7, 2022, state and federal law enforcement agents and officers were conducting a drug investigation on Amber Eversole. Agents and Kentucky State Police (KSP) officers observed her driving a black Mercedes Coupe. Federal law enforcement agents maintained surveillance on the black Mercedes Coup up through the time when members of the KSP were able to establish visual contact on her vehicle. At approximately 3:26 pm, KSP Interdiction Team Trooper Jack Gabriel conducted a traffic stop of a 2013 black Mercedes Coupe with Kentucky license plate as it traveled south on Richmond Road near the intersection of Chinoe Road for the violations of excessive vehicle window tint and expired registration. The driver and sole occupant of the vehicle was identified as Amber Eversole who was determined to not have a valid operator’s license. A check of a reliable law enforcement database revealed the Mercedes to be registered to Eversole at [REDACTED], Lexington, Kentucky. During the traffic stop, Trooper Josh Giles, who was on scene with Trooper Gabriel shortly at the stop, deployed his trained drug detection canine to conduct a “sniff” of the perimeter of Eversole’s Mercedes. During the open air “sniff” of the vehicle, the canine alerted to the odor of controlled substance at the passenger side door.

Following the alert, Troopers conducted a search of the interior of Eversole’s Mercedes. In the floorboard of the front passenger’s seat, Trooper Giles located a plastic bag. Trooper Giles inquired if the bag belonged to Eversole to which she responded it was not hers but that she had just picked it up from a stranger. Eversole advised that someone had left the bag in her vehicle and she did not know the contents. Inside the bag, Trooper Giles located and seized approximately 1037.30 gross grams of suspected methamphetamine packaged in vacuum seal plastic wrapping. That same day, this suspected methamphetamine was transferred to the custody of DEA LRO agents and the same was submitted to the DEA Mid-Atlantic Laboratory for analysis. The examination of the substance seized from Eversole’s vehicle revealed it to be approximately 894 grams of methamphetamine, a Schedule II controlled substance, having a purity of approximately 97 percent.

Following the discovery of the suspected methamphetamine, Troopers Gabriel and Giles contacted affiant in reference to the seizure. At that time, affiant traveled to Ashwood Drive near the location of the traffic stop where I spoke with Eversole and advised her of the potential criminal liability of possessing that quantity of methamphetamine. Eversole stated she wished to speak with affiant further and agreed to do so at the DEA LRO. 8. After transporting Eversole to the DEA LRO, I Mirandized Eversole via a DEA Form 13A as witnessed by SA Christy McHugh and Task Force Officer Travis Steward. Eversole agreed to talk with investigators regarding the methamphetamine seized from her car. Eversole acknowledged she was transporting 2 pounds of methamphetamine that day to sell to a customer at the time she was stopped by members of law enforcement. Eversole signed a DEA Form 88 providing consent to search her purple iPhone 14 that was seized in conjunction with the methamphetamine. A review of electronic communications stored on the device confirmed that Eversole had acquired and sought to deliver 2 pounds of methamphetamine to a customer at the time of stop by members of the KSP Interdiction Team.

Jason D. Moore, Special Agent Drug Enforcement Administration