Company behind condemned Lexington apartments has history of complaints

Remaining Veridian tenants say their Tennessee landlord is still expecting full rent this month

Lexington, Ky.–The real estate company that manages Veridian apartment complex on Armstrong Mill, where five apartments were recently condemned due to burst pipes, has a long history of complaints against it, according to the Better Business Bureau.

Brookside Properties of Nashville, TN manages 159 total residential properties, mostly in Tennessee, with three portfolio properties in Lexington and one in Nicholasville. Their website says they have over 30,000 residents total.

Several Lexington families were left homeless and even more without water after up to 500 pipes burst in Brookside’s Veridian apartment complex recently. Tenants there say management is still expecting rent in full this month and not everyone is happy about that. It’s not the first time the company has had issues, either. We found Brookside has had 68 total Better Business Bureau complaints within the last three years. At least 33 of those complaints were filed within the last 12 months. All the complaints are listed here.

Brookside did address some of the complaints that were listed. Here are some of examples:

Hi I’m *********************. I was moved into a “newly renovated” unit in *************** 09/07 and had to move out 09/09.I saw the model unit back in June and everything was clean and smelled great!On 09/07 ****** at the office said she had to do one last walk through to double check everything was ready for me.She would not let me see the place until everything was signed and paid for. I walk in and I smell a thick cigarette smell that was unbearable, paint was everywhere from paint the night prior, the toilet was clogged from a toothpaste tube from a previous tenant, and the ** unit leaked the entire bedroom the first night. I had a raging headache from this smell in the unit and I could not physically breathe.

10/09/2022 Complaint (resolved)

My air conditioner and washing machine is continuous flooding the town home that I rent. The air conditioning doesn’t properly even work. It gets up to 90 degrees upstairs and at times 80 degrees downstairs. The maintenance tried telling me that the air conditioner will not go below 20 degrees of what the actual temperature is outside, which is not true.

9/18/2022 Complaint

I signed a lease with this company. The apartment complex name is The ***** ********** 7121 -8 ******* ****** Louisville, KY. *****. The lease was never dated but the term stated is 02/28/2020 to 02/27/2021. I turned in a notice of intent to vacate 60 days prior to my moving due to my job and being transferred out of state. I turned this notice in on 11/05/2020. I have always paid my rent on or before the due date. I paid my $1000 termination fee and my rent up until my move on 01/05/2021. I never heard another word or received any notice until I received a collection notice in November of 2021 from ******** ****** *******. I have reported this as fraud and also to the CFPB to get this removed from my credit report.

9/5/2022 Complaint

My air conditioning went out beginning of the month I’ve been complaining about my air conditioning going out someone came out late at night to fix the problem but the air went back out days later . I reported the problem again. No response. I went to the office the only response I’m getting from them is that they only have one Maintenance guy . It’s almost a month since not having no air . They gave my a portable but only work for one area of the apartment I have a three bedroom the rest of my house is hot over 98 degree per the Thermostat . My 3 year daughter had a fever because of the apartment being so hot , my 9 year old daughter received a nose bleed. We have a new management and there’s still nothing been done about the air. That should be first priority knowing how hot temps have been outside. This is not fair that I’m paying over 1000+ rent.

8/22/2022 Complaint

Brookside also manages The Wellington and The Element in Lexington, and Ashton on Main in Nicholasville. You can view a full map off all 159 residential properties here.

Brookside also has some interesting reviews from former employees on Glassdoor, like this gem from a former manager:

I’m struggling to recover from my brief encounter with this organization. I’m not sure where to begin or even if I should say anything more than just don’t ruin your career or mental health here. It’s seriously that bad.

Former Brookside Properties manager, Glassdoor

Photo: Fayette PVA