Lexington Redditor says their drink was drugged at Belle’s Cocktail House Saturday

UPDATE 2: The Lexington Times obtained a copy the police report via open records request.

UPDATE: The Lexington Police Department has issued the following statement on the incident:

Our investigations unit is aware of the below statement made on Reddit. We do not currently have a report that matches that information and ask anybody involved to contact the Lexington Police Department to file a report.

Officer Guy Miller, LPD Public Information Officer

Lexington, Ky.–A Lexington Reddit user says their drink was spiked at Belle’s Cocktail House on Saturday night, which led to their partner being assaulted. They posted the following to /r/lexington around midnight Tuesday:

This is a cautionary tale or PSA to warn others, so this doesn’t happen to them.

My boyfriend and i were drugged after I went to get us each one last drink before heading home Saturday night/ early Sunday morning. We remember e v e r y t h i n g up until that last drink, I only took a few sips before throwing it out because i started to feel really messed up.

The drug kicked in immediately (10 minutes TOPS) and both my bf and I blacked out at the exact same time. I had probably 5 drinks over the span of 5 hours total

We were about to head home when my boyfriend was assaulted from behind and was kicking him on the ground right outside of Belle’s…. I ran to LE (apparently) and they got my bf an ambulance to get checked out.

I don’t remember ANYTHING. Officers got me an Uber which later wrecked and i don’t even remember that at all either.

I was erratic, out of control with zero motor coordination, and injured myself falling but was not slurring my words. I was even having hallucinations and not myself, I was trying to run into traffic and out of my mind..

Both my bf and I are lucky to be alive, were both a little banged up but blessed that we weren’t severely injured, arrested or even abducted/sexually assaulted. I fell really hard and have my knees and hands pretty scraped up and bruised from falling but we are OK

We filed a police report for both the assault and getting roofied or drugged. bf was hospitalized for battery but is doing better but he is sore all over.

We are still trying to piece everything together. (no one was charged for battery) We have spoken w the LE both when my bf was being hospitalized and the responding officers to the car accident.

I am sharing this to warn others — PLEASE BE CAREFUL when going ouT!!! Ladies, there someone predatory targeting women at Belle’s, I am very cautious with my safety and it still happened to me.

I shared this info on my snapchat and had another friend say that she and another girl got roofied at Belle’s last year.

I am VERY grateful to LPD and the compassion and safety the provided me this week. We are still unsure if my bf getting jumped had something to do with someone spiking our drinks.

If they hadn’t helped me, idk what would’ve happened….most of this information we had to gather from LE/LPD and my mom who picked me up following the accident and we still trying to fill these memory gaps from that night.

I am urging the public (especially women) to be careful downtown, this could’ve been a much much worse situation and don’t want other women to get roofied or potentially sexually assaulted.

I am very rattled by this experience felt inclined to share this with the community as a concerned citizen.

LPD is aware of the situation and will be keeping an eye out for this kind of behavior.

It is safe to say that I will 100% not be going out downtown anymore, i feel violated that someone drugged me and was potentially gonna try to rape or sexually assault me.

The Lexington Community Crime Map does not currently contain an entry for the incident. The Lexington Police Department has been contacted for a statement on the investigation.

Belle’s is located at the corner of Church and Market Streets in Downtown Lexington.

Top photo: Belle’s Cocktail house at 156 Market Street in Lexington, Ky. (Google Street View)