Coyote sightings on the rise in Lexington’s Beaumont neighborhood

Lexington, Ky.–Residents of southwest Lexington’s Beaumont neighborhood recently told LEX18 that coyote sightings are up in the area. Wildlife experts said the species’ mating season occurs in January and may account for the increase.

One resident told LEX18 she saw two coyotes on a recent walk and had previously seen a coyote approaching a playground in the neighborhood.

Animal control does not remove coyotes, but private pest control experts will. One pest control professional told LEX18 that coyotes aren’t typically a threat, but it is a cause for concern if they begin to feel comfortable approaching humans and their pets.

Beaumont neighborhood backs up to a large amount of farmland that separates it from Bluegrass Airport

Top image: A pack of coyotes in a suburban neighborhood. (Midjourney)