Watch: Grandmother of Lexington’s first 2023 homicide victim speaks out to LEX18

Lexington, Ky.–The grandmother of the victim of Lexington’s first reported 2023 homicide spoke out in an interview with LEX18 on Monday, February 6. The coroner has since identified the victim as 24-year-old Marquis Antonio Tompkins, Jr.

I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired of losing our babies. I’m sick and tired of Chief Weathers asking for the community’s help when he does nothing with it. I’m sick and tired of the mayor. Not even acknowledging some of the gunshot victims. All of the gunshot victims to being, you know, to actually be exact about it.

She never sends her condolences. She never does anything. She would prefer to just create another dog park downtown. She’s not really concerned with our kids being killed.

Grandmother of Marquis Antonio Tompkins, Jr. to LEX18
Grandmother of gun violence victim speaks out to LEX18

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