Small College Revival Turns into Chaos as Thousands Overrun Kentucky Town

Wilmore, Ky.–A small college revival in Wilmore, Kentucky has turned into a massive event that is causing chaos for the town’s residents. According to a Reddit post from a concerned Wilmore resident, the revival initially started with fewer than 30 students who continued to pray and sing, but it has now grown exponentially.

The post says the college’s president sent an email encouraging students to attend chapel, and the event went viral on social media. This has caused thousands of people to pour into the town, which has a population of only 6,000.

The town and campus are not equipped to handle the large influx of people, and every parking lot is full, regardless of parking restrictions, the Wilmore resident wrote. The noise and crowds in downtown and all areas near the campus have made it difficult for residents to get around. Many students are tired and frustrated, and disrespectful people have entered dorms and classrooms without permission. There have been reports of extremist groups, including nationalists and people claiming to cast out demons and heal children, trying to attend the event.

The town’s law enforcement is limited, and there is no hospital or many other necessary facilities. Residents are concerned about the safety of the town and believe that the university needs to send people home before a dangerous situation arises, the resident wrote, asserting that the chaos from the revival has caused inconvenience and danger for the residents of Wilmore, who feel that the university is being negligent by allowing the event to continue.

You can see the full post here.

Top photo: Thousands have gathered at a small college in Wilmore for a religious revival, causing what some say are dangerous conditions in the small town. (/u/dustcommander)