Join the Solar Revolution: New City Program Makes It Affordable for Homeowners to Go Solar

Lexington, Ky.–The City of Lexington has partnered with the Kentucky Solar Energy Society to launch Solarize Lexington, a program aimed at encouraging households in the area to reduce their reliance on the electric grid by making it easier and less expensive to install solar panels.

According to Steve Ricketts of the Kentucky Solar Energy Society, Solarize Lexington will “accelerate the widespread adoption of clean renewable energy in Fayette County by residents, small businesses, places of worship and non-profits.” Through the formation of a city-wide buying group, homeowners interested in installing solar can now save up to 20% on typical prices and work with a vetted installer.

The program is open to all homeowners in Lexington-Fayette County, as well as non-profits, small businesses, and places of worship. Participants are responsible for the discounted cost of solar panels and installation, but federal tax credits are available to help offset costs. All solar installations will be individual contracts between the property owner and the solar installer, and neither the city nor the Kentucky Solar Energy Society will assume any liability related to the installation.

To determine if a property qualifies, interested parties can fill out the Solarize Lexington interest form, which is available at The form provides the Solarize Lexington team with the initial information needed to conduct a free solar assessment of the property, taking into account the direction the roof faces, how shaded it is, and the amount of space available for solar panels.

If a property is a good fit for solar, the information will be shared with a vetted installer who will contact the property owner to discuss next steps. Solarize Lexington applications run through July 20, and contracting must be complete by Sept. 14. Installation must be scheduled by the end of the year.

Low-to-moderate-income homeowners may be eligible for grant funds to help cover the cost of going solar. To apply for grant funds, interested parties must own and occupy their homes and meet certain financial considerations. Documentation of identity, proof of residence, homeownership, and income are required, and grants will be available on a first-come, first-served basis until funds are depleted.

All interested residents can register for an upcoming informational workshop at

Photo: Adobe Stock