Many Kentucky animal shelters swelling to capacity

WEKU | By Stu Johnson
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No vacancy is the message found at many animal shelters across Kentucky these days. So says Sarah Brown-Meehan with the Kentucky Humane Society. She said some of the dog and cat numbers in shelters are at rates not seen for a decade. Brown-Meehan said many pet owners are struggling with the cost of inflation for feeding and caring for their animals.

“Also housing, you know if people are having to find new housing as rents go up, they may not be able to afford their pet-friendly housing and they might struggle to find pet-friendly housing. And for all these reasons a lot of people are giving up their pets,” said Brown-Meehan.

Brown-Meehan noted the returning of dogs and cats to shelters also happened as people came back to an office setting as COVID cases lessened. She added shelters are seeing all shapes and sizes and ages of pets. The Humane Society official said increasing adoptions is a key part of the solution.

Brown-Meehan said new construction or shelter expansion is not a viable option in many cases.

“You know unfortunately that’s not the reality which is why it’s so important for our communities to help by adopting and fostering. Because especially with the foster programs, that is making room in the shelters, that is a form of expansion of the shelter,” said Brown-Meehan.

Brown-Meehan noted the Kentucky Human Society pays for food and supplies for fostering. She added her organization doesn’t euthanize for time and space. Brown-Meehan said a caravan program offers affordable veterinary care in rural counties.

On May 13th, a mega-adoption event is scheduled in Louisville at the Fair and Exposition Center. Brown-Meehan said 100 dogs will be available for adoption.

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Photo: Kentucky Humane Society Marketing Director Sarah Brown-Meehan (KY Humane Society)