Lexington grant program for stormwater runoff opens again

WEKU | By John McGary
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The City of Lexington’s annual Stormwater Quality Projects Incentive Grant Program is now open. It’s available to neighborhood associations, farms, nonprofits, businesses, and other institutions. Frank Mabson is Lexington’s Division of Water grant administrator.

“It’s aimed at stormwater management to try to either reduce stormwater runoff or to improve the water quality, and our watersheds and urban service area.”

The city began offering the grants in 2011, and the program is funded by the city’s Water Quality Management Fee. Mabson said the three types of grants are available to a wide variety of people – with two conditions.

“The applicant must be in full compliance with LFUCG’s Code of Ordinances. Naturally, we wouldn’t want to be giving out money to anyone that owes us money or that are not compliant to our rules. And the projects all projects must be located in Fayette County.”

Applications for neighborhood and education grants are due May 5, while the Class B infrastructure grant applications are due July 28.

Grant application packets, contact information, sample scoring sheets, details on past projects and other information is available at lexingtonky.gov/IncentiveGrants. First-time applicants are strongly encouraged to apply.

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Photo credit: John McGary/WEKU News