Family and Attorney of Corry Jackson Assert Lexington Police Have Wrong Man in Murder Case

Street talk raises questions about the arrest and charges as family and attorney express doubts

Lexington, Ky. – The recent murder case in Lexington has taken a dramatic turn as the family and attorney of Corey Jackson, a 37-year-old man accused of the crime, insist that authorities have arrested the wrong person. The claims have sparked a wave of scrutiny and investigation into the accuracy of the charges. The arrest and subsequent court proceedings have raised concerns about the presumption of innocence, the reliability of witness testimony, and the impact of public opinion on criminal cases.

According to court records, Jackson was arraigned in county court on Monday for the murder of Monte Harris, who was pronounced dead at the scene, and the shooting of Lakeisha Hill, who succumbed to her injuries later. However, Jackson’s family, led by his mother Angela Jackson, vehemently disputes his involvement in the crime. They contend that the streets are abuzz with information suggesting the police may have apprehended the wrong individual.

Angela Jackson, speaking to LEX18’s Christiana Ford, acknowledged that her son has had a troubled past and a previous incarceration record. However, she emphasizes that everyone deserves the presumption of innocence and that people can change. Referring to the supposed eyewitness who provided a description matching Corry Jackson, Angela expressed doubt, stating, “Nobody ever came to me and said this is the person that did it. But it was told that he’s just not the one who [did it].” She further added, “I mean, now I know of him, but I know he don’t look nothing like my son,” when asked if she knew who the real shooter.

Daniel Whitley (Whitley Law Office)

The doubts surrounding Corry Jackson’s arrest have prompted his family to enlist the services of attorney Daniel Whitley, a well-known figure in the community. Whitley, speaking on behalf of the family, expressed concerns about the lack of evidence presented thus far. He revealed that the prosecution has not shared any evidence with him, a common practice until the criminal discovery process. Whitley believes that the rush to arrest individuals before conducting a thorough investigation jeopardizes innocent lives and undermines the principles enshrined in the Constitution.

The Lexington Police Department acknowledged being aware of social media posts related to the case. Authorities have called on the public to come forward with any information or video evidence that could assist their inquiry.

The case of Corry Jackson has sparked a broader discussion about the balance between due process and public perception. The airing of Jackson’s mug shot and the subsequent public attention have led to a virtual trial by public opinion. Concerns have been raised regarding the potential impact on witnesses and the fear of retaliation, which could deter individuals from coming forward with crucial information.

Jackson, whose Facebook page was inundated with messages of support this week, remains incarcerated with a bond set at $500,000 and is scheduled to appear in court again on Monday. As the investigation continues, the credibility of witness testimony, the reliability of the initial description, and the potential for mistaken identity will be closely scrutinized. Authorities are urging anyone with information related to the case to contact the Lexington Police Department or provide anonymous tips through Bluegrass Crime Stoppers. It is essential for all tips to be comprehensive and verifiable to assist in the ongoing investigation.

As the justice system runs its course, the fate of Corry Jackson hangs in the balance, while his family and attorney continue to assert his innocence, casting doubt on the initial arrest and raising questions about the thoroughness of the ongoing investigation.

Top photo: A crime scene on Chestnut Street in Lexington after a deadly shooting. (WKYT screenshot)