Madison County Residents Overwhelmingly Approve Countywide Alcohol Sales

Madison County, Ky. – In a decisive vote held on Tuesday, residents of Madison County expressed their support for expanding alcohol sales countywide. Unofficial election results from the Madison County Clerk’s Office revealed that out of the 14,675 ballots cast in the wet/dry local option, more than 60% of voters chose to approve the sale of alcoholic beverages within the county.

Before the vote, Madison County had a complex web of ordinances and laws governing alcohol sales. The city of Richmond was entirely wet, while Berea was considered moist. However, local attorney and co-owner of Apollo Pizza, Wes Browne, along with other advocates, had worked tirelessly for months to push for a countywide vote on alcohol sales.

Browne expressed his excitement as the vote totals came in on Tuesday night, emphasizing the significance of this milestone achievement. “Getting it on the ballot was the scary part,” Browne admitted, reflecting on the challenging process. “Once we got it on the ballot, we felt very confident. Our confidence is showing to be justified… Once the people were allowed to decide, they said they want to be a wet county,” he told the Richmond Register.

Browne pointed out the recent trend of Kentucky counties approving similar measures, stating that “19 of the last 21 wet/dry votes have passed in Kentucky.” He added, “It only fails in very small rural places.” According to Browne, the vote to make Madison County wet was long overdue, and he eagerly anticipates the opportunities that will arise from the expansion of alcohol sales.

Despite the resounding “yes” vote, the implementation of countywide alcohol sales will not take immediate effect. There will be a delay as election results are certified, and local restaurants will need to apply for liquor licenses, among other logistical considerations. However, this outcome marks a significant turning point for Madison County, as it moves toward a more unified and consistent approach to alcohol sales throughout the area.

As Madison County prepares for the transition, local businesses and residents are optimistic about the potential economic and social benefits that countywide alcohol sales may bring.

Photo: Adobe Stock