No room at the inn(s) in Lexington this weekend

WEKU | By John McGary
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Lexington is a popular location this coming weekend. Among the events that have led to a shortage of beds are the Railbird music festival and UK’s hosting of a NCAA baseball regional. In fact, the shortage’s so acute that visiting baseball teams are staying in UK dorms.

Leslie Miller is the vice president of marketing for the city’s Convention and Visitors Bureau:

We’re really excited, you know, although the hotel rooms are completely booked, it is, you know, it’s a good problem to have, in some ways, because we, we see that the demand is high for Lexington, and you know, just seeing the way that we’ve been able to bounce back after the pandemic, we’re, we’re very fortunate.

Leslie Miller

Miller said last fall’s Breeders Cup at Keeneland, which also caused a hotel room shortage, had an estimated economic impact of 80 million dollars.

“You know, you can see the real impact that it has on our city and I think for our hotel partners, but also our restaurants and local businesses. It’s just really exciting to be able to see people coming to Lexington and allowing us to share and learn more about the destination.”

Miller said the visitors’ experiences could lead to them returning.

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Photo: Lexington hotel and motel rooms are sold out for this weekend, thanks in part to the Railbird music festival and UK hosting a NCAA baseball regional. John McGary/WEKU News

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