“As it turns out,” Daniel Cameron is not attending Deters’ Freedom Fest

LEXINGTON, Ky. – Attorney General Daniel Cameron, who is also the Republican nominee for Kentucky’s governorship, has withdrawn from a controversial conservative event following increasing pressure from fellow Republicans, including Northern Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie.

As it turns out, we’re going to be doing other campaign events that day in another region of the state. We plan to campaign in northern Kentucky often between now and November 7.

Cameron campaign statement

The Herald-Leader’s Austin Horn reports that Cameron’s campaign was set to attend the Freedom Fest, a rally organized by Eric Deters, known for his public display of racist remarks and legal troubles. However, due to recent calls out by Massie over Deters’ offensive comments, Cameron’s team has decided to switch their plans for the scheduled date, September 9, 2023.

Eric Deters - July 2023
A video compiled by an anonymous YouTuber shows some of Deters’ past remarks. (Contains offensive language)

This comes after the Congressman argued that Cameron’s appearance at the event would potentially harm both his campaign and the Republican Party of Kentucky (RPK). Massie warned that Deters’ actions and words, including the usage of racial slurs and unfounded personal attacks, could have severe political consequences for the party.

Deters, a fourth-place finisher in the GOP gubernatorial primary, who also harbors ambitions to challenge Massie in 2024, has argued that Massie’s actions are fear-driven. He justified that Cameron’s presence at the rally would be suitable, considering the former attorney general’s endorsement from ex-President Donald Trump, who Deters claims has the event on his schedule.

Massie’s criticism of Deters heightened due to the host’s rampant racist remarks on social media platforms, which include racial slurs and inflammatory statements like “blacks want to control everything.” He voiced his disappointment with fellow Kentucky Republicans planning to attend the event.

Kentucky Democratic Party Spokesperson Anna Breedlove, in a recent press release, pointed out the fracturing among the Republicans over Cameron’s now-cancelled attendance at Deters’ event. She urged Cameron to publicly denounce Deters’ offensive comments.

“Daniel Cameron needs to come out and denounce Deters’ racist and homophobic remarks. Supporting a disbarred criminal who spouts off hateful rhetoric against Kentuckians should be disqualifying – and it’s clear that even Cameron’s fellow Republicans know that Kentuckians deserve better,” Breedlove stated.

Cameron, the first Black nominee for governor from either major political party in Kentucky history, initially expressed excitement about attending the Freedom Fest. His campaign pivot now raises questions about the possible divisions within the GOP, further complicated by Deters’ claim that former President Trump, who endorsed Cameron early in the attorney general’s GOP gubernatorial primary race, has the event “on his schedule” this year.

Cameron is currently challenging Democratic Governor Andy Beshear for the governorship, a race that, if won, would make him the first elected Black GOP governor and just the fourth Black person to be elected governor in U.S. history.

Top photo: YouTube screenshot of Eric Deters’ Bulldog Show. (YouTube)