Cameron compounds one mistake by making another one. Stepping in it, indeed

by Bruce Maples, Forward Kentucky

There’s an old expression that comes from farming and walking the fields: “Well, you’ve stepped in it now.” Obviously, it means taking an action without thinking about the consequences.

We have all done it – stepped in something, that is. And the best course of action is to stop and think about your next step, so you don’t step in something again.

Unfortunately for Daniel Cameron, he has now done the Step-In-It Two-Step.

His first misstep was agreeing to appear at the so-called “Freedom Fest” put on by Eric Deters, late of running for governor who is an erstwhile Libertarian and shit-stirrer from northern Kentucky. (I will leave it to your own Google skills to learn more about Mr. Deters if you are not familiar with him.)

Cameron, who is all in for the right-wing-nut vote, assumed that attending FF23 would further burnish his MAGA credentials, especially since his hero, Donald Trump, was also scheduled to speak. Be still my beating breast – on the same stage as The Former Guy!

But then, Cameron got some pushback. Not from everyday folks who could not believe he would actually attend this thing — especially since Deters has been known to make comments like “blacks want to control everything” — but from leadership in his own party.

Specifically, from Congress-critter Thomas Massie, who said that having a black Republican candidate attend Freedom Fest “plays into a trope about Republicans and I’m disgusted and discouraged that Republicans in Kentucky are going to show up to this event.”

Of course, there’s also the fact that Deters has said he is pretty sure he’s going to run against Massie in 2024. That could also have played into this, don’t you think?

Anyway, after first confirming he was attending the event, Daniel Cameron has now canceled from the line-up, saying he just realized he has another campaign event in another part of the state. Some convenient scheduling, that.

So first Cameron steps in it by agreeing to attend an event run by a fairly controversial figure. Then when called on it, rather than owning up to the first misjudged action (which might have actually gained him some points for being an adult about it), he steps in it again by offering some mealy-mouthed, sheepish excuse about a scheduling conflict.

So now he has pissed off pretty much everyone in the room, and looked weak and indecisive while doing it. That’s some serious Stepping-In-It, for sure.

And definitely another indication that Daniel Cameron is not ready to be governor.

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Republished with permission.

Top photo: Daniel Cameron at KET’s 2023 Republican Gubernatorial Debate. (KET screenshot)