Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear condemns racist comments, contrasting GOP candidate Daniel Cameron

LEXINGTON, Ky. — In a move that starkly separates him from his GOP gubernatorial competitor, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear recently condemned the racist and offensive comments made by Eric Deters, as revealed in a Twitter thread by Herald-Leader politics reporter Austin Horn (@_AustinHorn). Although Governor Beshear didn’t mention Deters by name, his reproof was clear.

This latest development comes amid heated political exchanges and further draws a line of distinction between the two candidates. In his Thursday Team Kentucky update, Beshear emphasized that “there is no place for these types of comments in Kentucky,” while acknowledging U.S. Representative Thomas Massie for doing the same. Notably, the Governor’s comments were a pointed contrast to GOP gubernatorial candidate Daniel Cameron, who did not comment on Deters’ controversial statements even after distancing himself from Deters by pulling out of an appearance with him at Freedom Fest.

Gov. Andy Beshear Team Kentucky Update - 7.13.23

Eric Deters’ racially charged comments have stirred significant backlash in the Kentucky political sphere, leading to questions about political leadership’s response to such utterances.

When asked earlier this week about his decision not to attend Freedom Fest and if it had anything to do with Deters’ remarks, Cameron deflected the query, telling Horn, “We’re gonna focus on winning in November, Austin.” He instead drew attention to an alleged mockery of people of faith by a cartoonist working for Horn’s newspaper and criticized Governor Beshear for his alignment with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, whom Cameron accused of openly mocking people of faith and Catholics in particular.

Beshear, on the other hand, appears to have taken a more direct approach in his comments about Deters’ offensive statements, saying, “I fully condemn each of these statements” and “that’s what leadership requires.”

Significantly, Beshear’s comments came unprompted, suggesting a deliberate attempt to confront and rebuke offensive rhetoric head-on. Horn noted this aspect in his Twitter thread, highlighting that Beshear’s unprompted condemnation amidst other state news announcements was certainly noteworthy.

As the political climate heats up in Kentucky, the handling of this incident presents a study in contrast between the two gubernatorial candidates. As the November election nears, voters will be weighing these and other factors to make their choice for the state’s top executive office.

Top photo: Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear speaks at Thursday’s Team Kentucky Update. (YouTube screenshot)