Five new police misconduct complaints made public in Lexington

LEXINGTON, Ky. — The Lexington Police Department’s Public Integrity Unit recently made the existence of several new formal complaints against its officers public. These internal complaints concern various violations of departmental rules and policies. Here are the details about the allegations:

  • 2023F-004, filed on 6/9/2023: This complaint alleges a violation of the department’s rules relating to the personal appearance of sworn officers. It was filed internally within the department, and it pertains to an officer from the Bureau of Patrol. The status of this complaint is currently pending.
  • 2023F-005, filed on 6/29/2023: This complaint alleges an on-duty officer’s use of alcohol, illegal drugs, or legal drugs. It was also filed internally, and it concerns an officer from the Bureau of Investigations. The disposition of this case is also pending.
  • 2023F-006, filed on 7/11/2023: This complaint, filed against an officer from the Bureau of Patrol, alleges a violation of department rules related to emergency and pursuit driving. Its disposition is still pending.
  • 2023F-007, filed on the same day (7/11/2023): Another internal complaint against an officer from the Bureau of Patrol for violating rules regarding emergency and pursuit driving and the operation of vehicles.
  • 2023F-008, also filed on 7/11/2023: This internal complaint implicates an officer from the Bureau of Patrol in violating departmental rules relating to emergency and pursuit driving, the operation of vehicles, and the use of body-worn cameras.
Lexington Police Chief Lawrence Weathers. (Photo by Amy Wallot)

In line with the department’s disciplinary process, Police Chief Lawrence Weathers will recommend disciplinary action for these cases, which could range from a written reprimand to termination. The involved officers have the option to accept the Chief’s recommendations, in which case the full council will have the final say on approval, or they can opt for a trial with the council serving as the jury.

In Lexington, the full contents of pending police misconduct complaints are not made public, so the exact details and names of the officers remain unclear.