Lexington airport master plan development moving along

WEKU | By Stu Johnson

Officials at Lexington’s Blue Grass Airport are about halfway through the updating of the air transportation facility’s master plan. This Tuesday offers an opportunity for the public to view future possibilities.

The first commercial flight at Blue Grass Airport took place in October of 1946. Various facility improvements have occurred over the years. The last Master Plan update concluded in 2012. Blue Grass President Eric Frankl said the biggest challenge is probably going be the terminal itself, whether it’s sized right, whether it can be expanded and how and when.

“We’ll always try to be in front of it. So as we start to see our passenger activity goes up, when it gets to a certain level we’ll know, hey, let’s start the design or a terminal enhancement or expansion,” said Frankl.

Frankl said it’s done in phases as demand dictates. He hasn’t envisioned any significant terminal modification for several years.

Frankl noted another challenge is presented with the current location of the traffic control tower. He anticipates relocating that tower before any substantial work is done to the terminal. Frankl said the Master Plan also takes into account future needs in private aviation and corporate activity. A public meeting will be held Tuesday evening from 5:30 to 7:00 at the Campbell House. It’s an opportunity for citizens to catch up on Master Plan work.

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Photo: Blue Grass Airport Traffic Control Tower (Stu Johnson \ WEKU)