New bus stop signs going up along Lexington public transit system routes

WEKU | By Stu Johnson

Lexington citizens catching a bus will be seeing some new signage. The changing out of signs is already underway.

Lextran officials say the new signs offer higher visibility and reflectivity as well as ways to access real-time information. The bus stop signs feature a completely redefined layout. Each new sign includes, among other things, the bus stop and route numbers, text-for-next real-time information, and Lextran’s customer service phone number. Many stops will now also have double-sided signs to make each stop easy to locate whether traveling inbound or outbound.

Each sign situated on a snow plan route will also include a snowflake symbol. That indicates the stop is covered when Lextran is operating on a snow plan.

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Photo courtesy of Lexington Transit Authority.

Republished with permission from WEKU.