Anticipated sewer ability study in Lexington now available for review

WEKU | By Stu Johnson

When you consider any type of development, either residential or commercial, infrastructure is a key element. One such anticipated study in Lexington has been completed.

Earlier this summer, Lexington’s City Council made the decision to begin the process to expand the urban services boundary by between 27 hundred and 5000 acres. What’s known as a sewer ability study has just been released. Water Quality Division Director Charlie Martin said the report doesn’t specify which area should be added.

“For us, if you make a recommendation for an area, what’s the financial impact or what’s the degree of difficulty in doing that. And that’s what the sewer ability study tries to characterize,” said Martin.

Martin said there’s not one single cost figure contained in the new sewer ability study.

“Some areas can be served strictly by pipes and that’s a very cheap…but if it involves a pump station or treatment plant, then the price tag goes up considerably,” said Martin.

The man who’s headed up the massive sewer improvement program said the cost will vary depending upon what properties might be brought into the urban services area.

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Republished with permission.