DOL filing shows anti-union actions at Lexington Webasto facility

WEKU | By Shepherd Snyder

filing sent to the U.S. Department of Labor shows alleged action at the Lexington-based Webasto sunroof plant to discourage workers from potentially forming a union.

Nonprofit labor advocate LaborLab accused the international company of union busting Monday on social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter.

The mandatory Agreement and Activities Report shows the plant hiring contractors from the Labor Relations Institute, a firm that helps companies “avoid organizing campaigns,” according to its website. It was filed August 25 by the consulting firm, with the work starting July 30.

The labor organization named in the filing is United Auto Workers 771, which is based out of Michigan. Custodians, shipping and receiving workers, hi-lo drivers and shift captains are among the workers involved.

Neither LaborLab nor Webasto’s headquarters have responded to a request for comment as of publication.

Photo: The Frances Perkins Building of the U.S. Department of Labor headquarters in Washington, D.C. (edbrown05\Wikimeida Commons)

Republished with permission.