New Lexington park on Kentucky River to be named “Kelley’s Landing”

LEXINGTON, Ky.–A newly acquired park property on the Kentucky River at 8949 Old Richmond Road is set to be named “Kelley’s Landing,” according to an agenda item from Tuesday’s Council Work Session docket.

LFUCG purchased the 30.13 acres in June 2022, for the expansion of recreational amenities in the parks system. The property provides direct access to the Kentucky River, and will allow for the development of public outdoor recreational uses which are new and unique to Fayette County. The property was purchased for $1,160,500 and financed via Park Acquisition Funds.

According to a memo from Parks Director Monica Conrad, the property sale was negotiated with John and Debra Kelley, whose family had owned the property for many generations. The Memorandum of Agreement with the Kelley’s stipulates that the family name be included in the city’s official naming of the park. Parks staff recommended “Kelley’s Landing” for this purpose.

Photo: Aerial view of “Kelley’s Landing,” a newly acquired park property on the Kentucky River. (Google Earth)