Lexington VA holds ribbon-cutting to mark consolidation of health care services

WEKU | By John McGary

Lexington’s Veterans Affairs center on Leestown Road held a ribbon-cutting Tuesday to mark the consolidation of several important health care services. Russell Armstead is the executive director for the Lexington VA Healthcare System. He said Building 28 is now a one-stop shop for veterans seeking several types of healthcare.

“It improves access to care for veterans, which is what we’re really after, primarily increases our capacity to put to provide those services – dental, audiology and speech pathology all in one convenient location.”

Armstead said Building 28 began offering those services October 16th – and called Tuesday a wonderful day for veterans, and the VA.

“Everything in there is modern and cutting-edge technology. There’s some other ideas that we’re still trying to incorporate, but I’m ecstatic about the results. And we’re open for business.”

Armstead said Lexington’s VA Healthcare System has an excellent team of medical specialists and other employees who made the consolidation possible.

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Republished with permission. Photo by John McGary.