Funding support goes toward Fayette County riverside park planning

WEKU | By Stu Johnson

Planning is in the works for a new public park in Fayette County. It doesn’t fit in the traditional large recreational or neighborhood style mode.

Kelley’s Landing is a park situated along the Kentucky River. While the 30 acres of property were purchased by the City in May of 2022, it’s not open to the public yet. The newly formed “Fund for Greater Lexington” is supplying $175,000 toward the creation of a master plan. Parks and Recreation Director Monica Conrad said decisions about the makeup are not finalized.

“What the uses will be for the park, what amenities would be in the park, what types of trails. So, really just designing the whole park and getting the communities’ feedback and engagement as we proceed,” said Conrad.

Conrad said the possible recreational activities include kayaking and canoeing rentals. She said some type of concession stand is also a possibility. Conrad said it could mean a different experience for many people.

“We know it’s going to contribute to our quality of life and we know that it will really attract our citizens and really folks from the region to the land to the river. And then long term we believe that that drives public support right, for the protection of our natural resources,” said Conrad.

Conrad added the next several months will be devoted to public engagement with an eye toward opening next summer.

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