ONE Lexington to give 2023 update: How they’re addressing violence with innovative strategies

Lexington, KY— In an upcoming Urban County Council work session on Tuesday, ONE Lexington will present its 2023 update, showcasing a range of initiatives aimed at tackling urban challenges, particularly those related to gun violence and its impacts on the community.

Key Highlights of the Presentation:

  • Trauma-Informed Care Initiatives:
    • One Lexington has incorporated trauma-informed care support into its Summer Youth Program.
    • Staff crisis response teams and community partners have received specialized training in trauma-informed care.
    • The LPD’s “Surviving Onward” sessions are a notable addition, targeting trauma support for students in alternative schools and adult family members affected by gun violence.
  • Crisis Response Adjustments:
    • The N.E.W. program is now solely deployed as a part of the Crisis Response plan.
    • The initiative has expanded to include more intentional partnerships and efforts in crisis response.
    • Collaboration with Global Lex to provide community resources in multiple languages.
  • Faith-Based Alliance for Victim Support:
    • Engagement with various churches, such as Immanuel Baptist Church and Porter Memorial Church, to create a victim services fund and join the N.E.W. program.
    • Southland Church’s in-school mentoring program at elementary schools is a key partnership.
  • Downtown Peacekeepers Initiative:
    • This pilot program, launched in the summer of 2023, involves engaging juveniles in downtown areas between midnight and 3 am.
    • The Crisis Response team and trained community members, who are not “deputized” and do not enforce laws, provide resources like Lyft cards, food, and trauma support.
    • This clarification around whether the Crisis Response Team is “deputized” seems to be a direct response to concerns raised by Rock Daniels, a local conservative activist known for disseminating misinformation. Daniels has been critical of community-based approaches, advocating for more traditional law enforcement methods.
Rock Daniels, a local conservative activist known for disseminating misinformation, once falsely claimed ONE Lexington was “deputizing” citizens. (Facebook/rockdanielslex)
  • One Lexington Ecosystem:
    • The ecosystem approach includes a continuum of care services, from the VIT and Crisis Response to trauma/mental health support.
    • Programs like the N.O.C.A.P., Be the Change Scholarship, and violence prevention grants indicate a multifaceted approach to dealing with urban issues.
  • Support for Survivors of Gun Violence:
    • A survey conducted by ONE Lexington and UK Innovation Lab revealed significant impacts of gun violence on employment and housing stability among survivors.
    • The survey highlights the need for consistent communication, more mental health resources, and financial support for affected individuals.
  • Symposium Feedback:
    • The feedback from the One Lexington Symposium suggests a positive impact in terms of learning, networking, and creating solidarity among community partners to address youth and young adult gun violence.

This comprehensive update from One Lexington reflects a dedicated effort to address the multifaceted challenges faced by urban communities, particularly those impacted by gun violence. The focus on trauma-informed care, crisis response, community engagement, and survivor support illustrates a progressive approach to public safety and community well-being. The non-deputization of community members in initiatives like the Downtown Peacekeepers program is a significant step, countering misinformation and emphasizing the importance of community-led solutions over traditional law enforcement methods. This approach aligns with the broader goal of transitioning from an ecosystem of support to an ecosystem of opportunity, a critical aspect of sustainable urban development.